Congratulations and Celebrations



It’s a happy day. Son 3 got the ‘A’ Level results he needed to get into the University of his choice. How proud are we? as his dad said, ‘On a scale of 1-10, at least 12’. The poignancy of the moment struck us all. Nana would have been first on the list to be called after us.

We have a chocolate caterpillar cake, like you do. We got together this evening for a toast and congratulations those of us who were around.The boy is going out tonight to celebrate. Watch out town as several hundred 18 year olds go partying or drowning their sorrows!

It has been good to have a day of celebration. A true reminder of life going on in the best way possible.

I went to get my hair cut this week. When it came time to re-book for 6 weeks time I realised that would be after he has left for Uni. Whoa. Now I have to get my head round the boy leaving home!


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