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This is the blog of a woman in her 50’s. I’m developing a passion for gardening from a position of complete ignorance but an interest in fun, health, life and love. I want to grow my own veg and enjoy the pleasure of just messing about in the dirt and seeing what happens.

Gardening, being outdoors, eating food that is healthy and works for me and my family are all passions of mine. So is my extended family in all its variety. I love working with people creatively, feeling a connection of body, mind and spirit. I want to rediscover  that creativity.

Some of the greatest influences in my life have come to me through books, I was always the original self-help book queen LOL. I’ve done every diet, explored religion and spirituality and engaged in various therapies/ self-awareness things

Now I take a simpler approach. If it works do more of it.

‘Potatoes not Prozac’ by Kathleen DesMaisons, ‘You can heal your Life’ by Louise l Hay, ‘The artists Way’ by Julia Cameron, Optimum Nutrition by Patrick Holford,  ‘Advices and Queries’ the UK Quakers little red book all have a special place in my heart. There are many others of course but those are the core.

The basics:

I live in Staffordshire in the UK. I came here in 1976 to go to University, and Im still here

In 2009 me and my girl T got married. We had a civil partnership  as a celebration of everything that makes life worth living, love, passion, family, friends and joy. And the whole day was  a delight. I feel very lucky to have her in my life and to be able to share that.

I have 4 sons who are 26, 22, 16 and 15 (May 2011).They are the light of my life.Didn’t time fly? The eldest has fledged and lives with his girl nearby. number  has fledged and returned  a bit like a boomerang. he is developing  new wings 🙂 number 3 is doing A levels in between being the rock star drummer in the band and number 4 is cool at school doing GCSE’s, chilled at home and working, playing and living life.

Our extended fam includes the boys dad and step mum, we are fabulously blessed in being the best of friends.


letting my inner Barbie princess out to play with sparkle and pink from time to time

Lists, journals and numerous note-books with random words and thoughts

sparkling water with lemon ( yes I’m a cheap date)

drinking tea ( gotta be decaf fo this girl)

decaf soya latte with cinnamon ( yum)

learning about growing veggies

dogs – we part share a dog with my mum who is now 86, I’d love a dog of my own but for now this is it. Since I first wrote this mum has gone into care and Mr G now lives with us full-time and for ever.

singing ( not that tuneful) but nothing beats belting out a ballad in the car when driving

I used to be the original sugar addict / chocoholic. Since 2003 I’ve been sugar-free except for the last few months. Now I’m working back from my relapse. As they say in AA, ‘one day at a time….; Update! I am free again of sugar and white carbs thanks to Now I’m focused on being as healthy as I possibly can, losing weight and getting movin’. It’s a journey I am on for life. I welcome company along the way. I think my blog is sort of divided into two main parts the health/weight loss/fitness journey now being styled ” Fat Girl Slim” and the Life/gardening/people/family part. That pretty much sums me up 🙂

Lifting weights rocks

camping – I have long-term desires and devices to posses a caravan / motor home. T would like a canal barge. I want to travel the world ( on a budget) – not sure how to do that on a barge? In the meantime we have several tents and sleeping under the stars is just heaven

Some of my favourite places in the world include Holy Island ( Lindisfarne), Skye, well any Scottish island actually, scrub that, any island full stop. I also love the USA and Albuquerque has a special place in my heart because of many friends I have met there and because it is just magic

I’m a dyed in the wool grown up hippie / feminist/ lesbian’ ex vegetarian ( but may get back there when my carnivore kids leave home). I’m an ordinarily unique mum, partner, friend and colleague. I might live next door and actually I do.

Why blog?

I started this blog in 2010. I was in the process of dealing with severe depression and anxiety resulting from burnout at work. Spending time at home pottering about, gardening a little, writing my blog, was all part of the healing. Today I am in a much better place. But the things I learnt from that time and other events stays with me.

Sharing some of my journey is why I am here. I write about what I know, what stirs me, moves me or makes me smile. I write about my struggles and successes in losing weight, getting fit and learning new ways to live.

Since March this year I took up the wordpress postatday2011 challenge. Blogging makes me happy. It is an everyday act of creativity. I love reading other people’s blogs, making new friends.

I love it when you like, comment or share my blog. Feedback is fantastic. I check every day to see if there any new comments so don’t be shy .

All About Me

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  1. Just thought I’d pop over and say hello! Wow, you have a busy life don’t you, I can imagine life is not dull with someone like you around. Keep being unique and the people who matter will find you, that’s what I hang on to anyway…right think I’m mumbling now which is never good so I’ll go and have a draw….

  2. Have you read Monty Don?
    “Gardening has always been his “cure”. Does he also see it as a flight from mortality – working with life as a way of offsetting death, sappy green plants a diversion from gnarled middle age? “I always see gardening as escape, as peace really. If you are angry or troubled, nothing provides the same solace as nurturing the soil.” And as to mortality: “All things absolutely will pass, and entering into the flow yourself – that is the only permanence you can know.””

    PS Thanks Tilly 🙂

    • I love that, thank you. I like Monty Don he shares some of his soul with his writing, well don’t we all? I am learning the therapeutic nature of gardening and being outside. Maybe its someting we grow into as we get older, that connection with the spirit of life.

  3. you have a zest…for everything in which you invest. it’s infectious…i need to get-back-on-the-wagon about eating healthy, losing some pounds, and exercising…

    you inspire me…to be my best in 2012…here’s sending it right back at ya… 😉

  4. I have always wanted a VW Camper van and still might get my way much to the consternation of my 16 year old son who calls me a “Hippie”!! A canal boat would be idyllic, and if you manage that dream, you must travel down to Foxton Locks and we will buy you a drink! (decaffeinated of course)x

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