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A Breath of Fresh Air


Driving through the rain on Boxing Day with Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention playing on the CD. The world is sepia toned today, the trees have lost their leaves and water lies on the fields and roads.
The beach at Prestatyn in North Wales is alive with seagulls and white capped waves. Children on scooters from Santa go ahead of familes as we shake of the excesses of yesterday. A couple jog up the promenade and a boy is completely absorbed as he digs in the sand as we walk past.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Hands


This was Mum’s 87th Birthday in July last year. We had a tea party, balloons and cake and sparkling wine. This picture is Mum with her four precious grandsons, the light of her life. Their hands reaching out to her and hers holding on just say ‘Love”. Mum died peacefully two weeks later. 

If you go down to the woods today …..


Feeling a bit down this morning but the sun was out and the dog and I needed walking so we set off for the lake. I am doing Race for Life this year which is a 5k for Cancer Research. I am doing it in honour of friends who are in treatment right now, and friends who have lost the battle. And in memory of my dad who had prostate cancer but died in 2006 pretty much from old age thanks to treatment.

The route for the run/walk is round the lake with some extra bits added to make it up to the full amount. This is the half way point round the lake. Conveniently there is a little cafe where you can sit and watch the herons swoop across looking for a fishy snack. It also has a doggy diner ( water) and a skinny cappucino. I realise these benefits won’t be part of the 5k but I am in training.

The second half of the walk takes you through the woods. On our way we saw:


a frog

a teacup

and something mysterious in the treetops.

The goslings followed daddy goose into the water, one, two, three, four ….

Weekly Photo Challenge – Unfocused



Last summer the apple tree in our garden was laden with blossom and then with fruit so much that the branches reached to the ground with the weight. I love the pink amd white and hot summer days when sitting under the tree is cool and shady. An ideal place to read a book, gaze up at the sky through the leaves or fall asleep on a Sunday afternoon. I took so many pictures, but this one reminds me of the dazy, lazy feeling of summer.

Change of Seasons


Well my blogging has been sadly lacking hasn’t it since September. In fact I just came to a full stop and couldn’t do it. So I let it go for a while. But I’ve missed it, and felt like I’d lost a little piece of me in the process.

Of course feeling a sense of loss was what brought me to a halt. Losing Mum has left a gap in all our lives here. The gap reveals itself in many ways and moments. Mum had been such a big part of our lives, and I had written about her here and shared our journey through the last year of her life. I am so glad i did that. But it was hard to write after she had gone.

Now I imagine she will pop in now and again for tea and a cake just to make sure we are getting along ok, so forgive me if she pops in here too.

I am not going for a post a day for now. It’s too much and I would like to be able to start sharing and writing again without that pressure.

The picture above is from my walk yesterday. It is truly Autumn here now, there is a smoky feel to the air and the trees are losing their leaves. It is good to walk through them whilst they are still crisp and not yet slippy. This is a new season, they go so fast don’t they and I have new ideas to share and a new journey of recovery to begin on.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Path





Labyrinth at Norwich Cathedral. The path goes round and as you walk it you cam pray or meditate or just be centred in the moment. It is a place of peace and tranquility, a cool refreshment on a baking hot summers day.

Next the towpath alongside the Pontyscyllte Aqueduct in North Wales. It carries the Llangollen canal over the valley of the River Dee. Years ago I was on a narrowboat for a week when we went over the canal, a couple of years ago we walked over along the path. Both were scary and awesome in equal measure.

Below is a path through some gardens near where we live. Roses climb over the trellis. The formality of the gardens and the tidy paths contrast with great sweeps of grasses and generous planting that changes season by season. It is a favourite path for a Sunday walk.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Mountains


Quiraing on Isle of Skye


Glen Coe Scotland


Cairngorms on West Highland Way

These pictures were all taken on the same trip, our honeymoon in March 2009 ( we just had to discuss this to get the date right!). From the cottage nestled under the Quiraing we drove up and over its windy single track road breathless with the freedom and peace of it all. Glen Coe is dark and brooding with the atmosphere of its tragic and bloody history and then in a heartbeat it can change to a place of dappled sunlight and sparkling streams. We stayed at the Clachaig Inn nestled between the mountains at the bottom of the valley. It is a place for serious climbers to tell long tales of their Munro bagging, great food and real ale. Dogs are welcome and sit by the open log fires with their owners before an early night and a hearty breakfast. The third picture was taken driving up the West Highland way on a day of sparkling sunshine and blue skies where the snow on the Cairngorms was reflected in the water and we had to stop to breathe in the beauty.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Broken




For my 50th birthday we took a trip to Rome, the Missus and I and Sons 3 and 4. We had a wonderful few days of culture and pizza. The two statues were in the Colosseum museum, if you are that old it’s no wonder you’ve lost a head or two. i though it was only fair to show no discrimination between gender when broken. And both are still beautiful.

In a whole different context this photo was taken on the island of Anglesey in North Wales, one of my favourite places. This was incongruously placed at a workshop/ cafe we stumbled across selling jams and jellies. The owner had developed a passion for collecting old and broken signs, advertisements and of course That Car.