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Well this won’t get a Fat Girl Thin.



Two weeks of eating the wrong things with not enough of the right exercise ain’t going to get this girl into a smaller size any time soon.
My all or nothing kicked in with a side dish of feeling stressed and tired and boom, there went the D.I.E.T.
Meanwhile the missus who generally speaking is less A.O.N than me has carried on losing weight, drinking wine and eating chocolate. But, and its a big one she doesn’t so much engage in the ‘I’ve had one now so I am ruined and must therefore eat the lot’ mentality of yours truly.
So I am sitting under the apple tree in the garden contemplating my misdoings. And I realise that yes I am a few pounds heavier, but not 2 stone heavier. And I haven’t stopped intending to lose weight or eating good food. Nor have I stopped moving altogether. So I don’t have to throw the proverbial out with the bath water.
But I am thinking I might join a diet class where I can do some exercise and follow a programme. I like the idea of checking in somewhere even though the diet bit might need tweaking. I don’t want to be back on the sugar slide.
Hmm I will keep you updated!

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