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Signs of Spring


After recent weeks of the personal claustrophobia and roller coaster of health worries and the global tragedies of earthquake and tusnami in Japan, civil war in Libya and ongoing lives threatened and lost world wide, today it ws a joy to be outside and see signs of spring. Such huge events affect us all somehow on a cellular level, I don’t think any of us can remain unaffected, or that we should. Watching ‘Comic Relief’ on Friday night one of the comments made was that to give is not a choice ‘but a human obligation’. Those words resonated and reinforce to me the ways in which we are all connected. Quakers often use the phrase, ‘it spoke to my condition’, I think recent events must show us how a wave, a shifting of the earths plates, another child forced to fight, a brother bringing up his brothers and sisters all these become part of ‘our condition’, our lives.

Somehow in the complexity of it all silence, time to be still and send light, love, prayers, a moments thought matters. And so do moments of joy, the glorious yellow of the forsyhthia blooming brashly in suburban gardens. Daffodils and narcissi bobbing cheerfully and abundantly round the roots of a tree, pussy willow and rhodedendrons, tulips and snowdrops. Like a feast of clour and life coming up from bare earth after a winter of ice and snow.

It was amazing to be able to walk, stopping every minute to take another photo and exclaim at the colur and life of it all.I walked too far for my first day out, and will spend the rest of the day with my foot up in penance, but it was worth it.