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There is Hope in Small Things


If this is a Man

There are days when kids just blow you away. It can be a ‘I Love You” from a toddler to the teenage conversation that shows their depth and imagination. Today my son who is 22 blew me away all over again with his music.

I don’t think it’s overstating the obvious to say that music is his life. I think its sustained him through some pretty hard times and allows his creativity and soul to shine through where words would never do. I see his poetry in his music and I hope you might too.

From the moment he had his first acoustic guitar he has been passionate. It was £30 from Argos when he was 11, and I thought the thrill would wear off in a few weeks. He learnt to play, started to sing and write songs and every day music is his accompaniment in the world. If he is home, there is music. I have been educated in music I would never have discovered for myself. He is steeped in it.

And in his room he makes music. Writes, plays, rewrites and polishes. Quietly, with total dedication. He is undiscovered as an artist. Although today a shimmer of light poured in. But I know that he is a musician for ever.And it makes my heart sing.

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