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my world in a bag


I’ve lost my door keys. That is home door key and work door key. Usually someone else is in at either place but I feel scattered without them. So I am searching. And the obvious place is my handbag ( purse to my American friends :)).

I tipped it out onto the table and this is what I found. It’s like a little bit of my world in a bag.

1 large wallet with a cheery apple on the front – Christmas 2009 from my girl

phone ( work)

phone ( personal) used to take picture

car key

2 leaflets Firstly, car insurance: I am trying to insure my car to include my 18-year-old son. The quotes are horrendous. We all know the statistics for young male drivers, but he has Pass Plus, has driven safely for a year and would still cost me another £3000. Gulp

Second leaflet – alternative therapies including acupuncture. I have a painful right knee, I am arthritic I think on my right side mainly and my knee is getting worse. I’m working on the losing weight and getting fit bit. Now for the pain.

Cocodamol ( see above)

Sunglasses – the weather in the UK is amazing, we have sunny sunny sunny sunshine and its warm!

Lanyard form Unison ( Public Workers union)- got it from work, not sure why or what I will do with it!

Purple glass necklace – 50th birthday present form colleagues. My favourite colours

Cream for psoriasis/ excema – I bought this of the internet. So far it seems to be the only cream that’s actually worked. I daren’t say that too loud as things have apparently worked before then stopped. But oh, I am hoping. Sometimes I get terrible Psoriasis on my hands and feet, i makes me feel pretty bad, looks dreadful and drives me mad. This was a sample that has now run out. I’m going to commit myself and buy more and see how it goes. If it works it is priceless.

2 plasters

A pen ( just one pen???) – not enough, this needs remedying

stray earrings ( 3)

1 pair of nice blue earrings wondered where they had gone

a thingie for attaching a flag to a flag pole ( you are wondering why!)

Glastonbury Festival 2010 wrist band ( now does the flag pole thingie make sense? grin)

Lip gloss – never wear it but it’s there for ’emergency must be more girlie ‘situations

Face powder – ditto

Work badge – so I know who I am

Tissues – I used to cry A LOT. That seems to have passed. The tissues remain.

Cashew nuts the perfect protein snack food

oatcakes – complex carb in a pack

Several ( 3) note-pads – for writing ideas down for blogging, making lists, giving notes to others. I don’t feel right without pens and notepads

1 plastic pink scottie dog – from a Christmas cracker 2010, it reminded me of my favourite piece on the Monopoly board, Christmases and holidays, family, playing with my Dad as a child and his stories of playing all night in the air raid shelters in the War ( WW2).

Probably the only thing missing is a book/Kindle AND my door keys!

By the way I tipped out the old tissues, crumbled up oatcakes, 2 old babybels and several receipts for nothing interesting.

So what’s in your bag?! Does it say anything about who you are? Is it functional, sentimental or a bit of both like mine? And that pretty much sums me up too!