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Sunday pleasures


It has been a quiet time. Needing to sleep. Wanting to cry. Laughing at memories and finding ourselves about to say, we could do this or that with Mum. I haven’t felt like writing much. Or talking. It’s been good having family and friends who are undemanding. We have eaten easy comfort food this week. Scrambled egg on toast, pasta bake, sausages with roast veg and sweet potatoes.

This afternoon we went for a walk with a good friend. Easy and relaxed. Understanding about yawning. We walked round the lake then had tea and cake in the cafe and watched the water, shoppy in the wind. And the sun went in and out. After the skies were blue again so we walked along the canal. it goes through the centre of our ribbon of towns. Industrial heritage of pottery industry melts into hedgerows of sloes and the old/new industry of canal narrowboats for holidays or a life of slow meandering. It was good to be outside, to see the world from a different place. We saw the ice cream van at the end and thought of her, of course.