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Who rescued who?

Who rescued who?

The dog is Geordie, currently in his ‘winter’ coat and looking cute but shaggy! He has been part of our family since 2004 when we found him at the RSPCA rescue centre. He was about 4 years old according to them, although the vet reckons he was probably a couple of years older. Still, we go for the younger age sticking with the belief that ‘you are how you feel’! He has been quite neglected, but we don’t think abused, most likely someone who had got too old or ill to care for him properly. But someone has loved him and looked after him as a puppy because he is well socialized, loyal, friendly to everyone and house trained 🙂

Originally Geordie went to live with my parents who had been wanting to have another dog for many years. As they were both elderly we were always the extended family, taking G for walks, visiting and with the promise that if ever it got to much he would come to live with us. After my Dad died in 2006, G was the perfect companion to Mum. She spent all her time with him and loved him just a little too much with treats and nibbles. Being the people dog he is G followed mum around everywhere she went, on her heels, her lap and sleeping by her in his basket every night. 

Last year G’s arthritis led to a problem with his knee-joint and he had to have an operation so that he would be able to walk again on 4 paws. The vet also advised that he needed to lose weight and his new special diet ( no treats!) caused a bit of a rocky road with mum in the early stages of dementia. Feeding became something she could do, over and over again. At one point she threatened to call the police because Id removed his treats! Oy     

As you can imagine the saga of mum and dog became complicated. Sadly mum ended up in hospital after several nasty falls and it became clear to all of us that she could no longer manage at home. So from last July both G and mum are in new homes. Mum has moved into a wonderful residential care facility nearby and G came to live with us. G visits at least weekly, in fact on difficult days he has been the comfort she needed and provided us with a talking point, there is always a doggie story to tell. 

G has settled into his ‘new’ family and we have adjusted to being full-time dog owners with joy. He has been one of the best parts of the last year. He knows how to be company, loves to cuddle and is never happier than when everyone is in the same place. His favourite thing in the world is sock. They have to be slightly smelly socks, good clean washed ones just wont do. And in a household of 3 boy/men there are always socks to be found . At Christmas he had to buy them all socks to make up for his behaviour. What he has given us is priceless. Time for his two mummies to take him for walks, always there for a cuddle and comfort, that excited happy bouncing greeting every time you come home or get up in the morning, responsibility for caring for another creature to son 22 who is eligible for dog sitting, laughter, companionship, adoration. An easy way to visit Nana with dog in tow for the boys. Who knew?