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Mums new shoes



Mum likes to go out in her slippers. This has been the case for a few months now. She has two identical pairs of maroon wrap-around old lady slippers. They are the sort she would have hated back in the day. Now she loves them.
She has had circulation issues and skin problems so her feet have been swollen and her legs bandaged. Now her skin is clear and she wears compression stockings. Mum always prided herself on ‘having good legs and slum ankles’. Not being related genetically means I have legs like my half sisters, chunky strong legs. I always used to feel cross when Mum would refer to her slim legs in contrast to my solid ones!

So day in and out the slippers are on. And they get trodden down at the back and need replacing.
Appearances have always mattered to Mum. There are two sides to that. But the good side is that it is intrinsic to her to care how she looks. So we have ‘sets’ of clothes. Edinburgh Woolen Mill shop does very well out of our weekend expeditions. They make nice pull on, elastic waist cotton trousers. She has denim look, cream, and khaki as well as winter weight ones. Their blouses and tops are colour coordinated to go with the trousers (clever eh?)

So, to get back to the slippers. We ambled ie mum queenly in wheelchair, past a discount ‘crocs’ shop. Now anyone whose ever worn them knows they are comfy like slippers, never wear out and don’t slip. Plus they come in a series of eye opening shades. Mum went for bright pink, orange it turquoise. Turquoise won.

So mum is now the proud owner if a pair if crocs. She wore them straight away like all the best purchases. There’s us no time to ‘save it for best’ like there used to be.

Mums new shoes will be worn with everything. Letting go of elegance for child like joy. Not a bad exchange.

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