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Here and now in the garden



Time to get going with the veggie garden again. I do confess to being a woman of fits and starts with gardening ( well, with everything, if I’m honest). The ‘earlies’ I bought a couple of months ago with every intention of planting have turned wrinkly and a bit mouldy in the bag so I am thinking they would probably not be the best start for a healthy crop. But the main crop potatoes are sprouted nicely and I have planted them out today in two massive pots on the patio along with 2 lots of onions and 2 courgette plants. This year I have planted the courgettes one to a pot as I hadn’t realised just how big those things grow last time. We didn’t have much of a crop last season and even though what we had was fabulous I think with more space they will crop more. That’s the theory anyway.

I also bought 3 big new pots in the sale section at the garden centre, 2 courgette plants, 3 bags of multi-purpose compost and a bag of farmyard manure. Saves you money this growing your own vegetables don’tcha know? ‘The Help” ie Son 3 brought the haevy stuff in from the car whilst I did the artistic planting-y bit. And will obviously take all the credit.

Tomorrow I am going to plant some bulbs the kids gave me for Mother’s Day ( here in the UK that was in March). It is a ‘purple selection’ so I think they will match my handbag and shoes perfectlly. I did a bit of desultory weeding. The type that means grabbing big handfuls of last years cabbage and yanking it out of the ground by the roots. I didn’t attemt to tackle the forest of attractive dandelions that need serious digging. I had a Scarlett O’Hara  moment about them.

The really good thing about being in the garden though is it is a very mindful experience. I do struggle with being as ‘here and now’ as I would like to be. Too much of my life has always been spent in fantasising and planning which is all very well if you are writing a book or carrying out a great design plan, but for day to day peace of mind there is nothing like just being in the moment and accepting it as it is. Someone said to me ‘Grateful people stay sober”. Whatever your drug of choice, gratitude has a sure fire way of putting addiction firmly in it’s place.

Today I am glad of a reminder from the garden that I am glad to be here and now.

How did your garden grow?


View of the extended raised bed

Mary,Mary Quite contrary

How did your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells

And pretty maids all in a row.

I always loved that rhyme as a child. Our garden still aspires to be pretty as well as practical but the joy of seeing the vegetables coming up is just as much fun to see.

thought it was time for a vegetable garden update. After a very hot April and May we have returned to a more English summer of rain and warmth interspersed with days when you wish you’d worn that sweater. Its meant an end to daily watering and fears of the ever looming hose pipe ban and the garden has been very grateful.

Potatoes and carrots

The spring cabbage and potatoes are shooting up. The carrots are very pretty with their feathery tops and the onions are beginning to look a bit more sturdy. Somehow the days get away from me so the 2nd raised bed has been waiting to be ‘raised’ with the rhubarb plant I didn’t kill sitting proudly in the middle. This afternoon I resurrected my bricklaying skills ( see picture for evidence, and stop chortling at the back!) and added another few feet. I added some soil improver for our clay soil, lots of chicken poo and voila. Ready for the red cabbage which has to go in or it will start climbing out of its plug plant box all by itself.

Red cabbage plants

Every time I go in the garden I get lost in plans for the future. Sometimes just sitting there with a cup of tea counts as gardening. Honestly.

Greenhouse. Chickens. Flower beds. Less lawn ( or grass as it should be called, lawn implies something altogether more pristine and cared for).

And then there are the birds to watch. The big bully pigeons get on my nerves. They shove and throw their weight about . But today a robin sat on a stray basketball in the garden and hopped between that and the bench under the tree. I didn’t get a picture, maybe next time.

Spring cabbage and Potatoes in raised bed

salad leaves on their way